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“136 pages in five days”: World’s first magazine written and designed by AI | What’s New in Publishing

Somewhat earlier than expected, the world’s first magazine to be written and designed entirely by AI has arrived. Using AI prompts, the magazine took two people just five days to create.

Two German entrepreneurs, Arian Okhovat and Jörg Salamon have officially launched the world’s first magazine to be written and designed entirely by AI. Entitled, PANTA RHAI (a play on words from the Greek phrase ‘everything flows’), the 136-page magazine took two people just five days to produce.

According to the two founders, the magazine was produced entirely by ChatGPT and Midjourney (using prompts), and was created to show the potential of AI. The magazine’s first issue is available as a free digital download and also as a limited 500-edition print run.

Speaking to WNIP, Jörg Salamon said that the two founders wanted to create a product that showcased the “tremendous potential” of AI, “We wanted to showcase how AI can be used in product innovation and to prove that the tools are advanced enough.”

Salamon describes the launch issue as a “lifestyle magazine” that blends artificial intelligence (AI) with human creativity and is aimed at people interested in AI, innovation, creativity, and the future of publishing. Features in the launch issue include the stories “Can AI Expand Your Horizons?” and “The Complexity of Time,” alongside Midjourney-produced graphics.

Developments in AI are moving rapidly. Even since we produced the first issue, Midjourney V5 has replaced the earlier version we used – the increase in quality in such a short time is incredible.

Jörg Salamon, Co-Founder, PANTA RHAI

Salamon believes that PANTA RHAI can redefine publishing boundaries by showcasing how AI and human minds can work together to create compelling content while simultaneously promoting an open dialogue about AI’s current limitations, “I can only repeat what has been said before, AI will not replace you, but people using AI will. But no one knows what direction this will take us.”

If the magazine is successful as a one-off project, it will become a brand that will be published regularly.

Jörg Salamon, Co-Founder, PANTA RHAI

PANTA RHAI uses ChatGPT from OpenAI, Midjourney, and other AI tools and is accessible online at

AI legislation inbound?

The launch comes at a time of increasing scrutiny over AI with the US government beginning to lead the charge in establishing clear rules for artificial intelligence tools.

Andreas Rindler, Managing Director at BCG Platinion (Boston Consulting Group) argues any suspension would be ill-timed, “We’ve seen the havoc misinformation and bias can wreak in AI technology, so we can’t just assume these tools are inherently ethical and safe. But it would be hasty to call for a blanket suspension.”

What’s really needed is a responsible and ethical approach that permeates every aspect of our society.

Andreas Rindler, Managing Director, BCG Platinion

“There are many critical risks when dealing with AI. From unexpected capabilities upon deployment to its potential use as a powerful tool for phishing and fraud activities, like deepfakes, it’s unaffordable to take eyes off the ball. To mitigate this, it’s critical to raise awareness among public institutions, businesses and educational settings, to understand and guide the continued development of AI without being overwhelmed by it.”

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