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Advertising technology for publishers: Opti Digital increases yields

Opti Digital is a company that develops in-house advertising technologies that allow online publishers and sales houses to efficiently optimise their online revenues.

Opti Digital allows mid-market publishers who do not have access to extensive internal resources to optimise their advertising revenues through a turnkey solution, consisting of several technologies (lazy loading, in view ad refresh…) in a tag management system synchronised with the publisher’s ad server.

For larger media groups with a mature stack, we have also developed a plug-and-play technology: Opti Yield, an automated yield optimisation solution that sets the best price floors based on multiple data.

For large media groups and channel partners, Opti Digital also offers a cutting-edge ad format that aggregates and transforms programmatic demand in real-time: Opti Engage. Its social media-inspired carousel design allows ads to be displayed to users in an engaging way in IAB size formats through a standard Prebid Adapter.

Benefits of Opti Digital advertising technology for publishers

The benefits of Opti All-in-One for publishers include:

  • The possibility to run their direct campaigns autonomously on their own ad server.
  • An analytical platform for transparent results
  • Data-driven optimisations via a/b testing
  • Access to all our technologies even the plug & play ones detailed below
  • A dedicated account manager and individual consulting
  • An average uplift of 40%

The benefits of Opti Yield for publishers include:

  • Automatic definition of floor prices, which saves a lot of time
  • Fast Plug and Play integration
  • Effectively counteract bid shading
  • Uplift of 20% EBITDA

The benefits of Opti Engage for publishers include:

  • Engaging and beautiful ad format
  • Brings more demand
  • Rank #1 on high visibility advertising placements
  • +7% RPM

Which leading publishers use Opti Digital?

Opti Digital’s clients include the online news magazine Slate, the tabloid magazine Closer but also the monthly women’s magazine Psychologies.

What’s the big idea?

Summarising their offering, Opti Digital says: “In an ever-changing ad tech industry, publishers are struggling to stay up to date. That’s where our expertise in yield management and cutting-edge technology comes in, as we work to help them maximise their advertising revenue. Rather than simply capitalising on market opportunities, our approach involves creating them. Through daily interactions with publishing groups, we’re constantly inspired to innovate and develop the most effective technologies both for the present and future.

Contact Opti Digital’s team now to get a live audit of your site and personalised advice from their yield management experts. They will advise you on the most appropriate solution to boost your online monetization.

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