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Broadpeak’s new CDN solution streams 725 Gbps from a single server and reduces energy consumption massively

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Achieving the same performance using one-quarter of the servers, Broadpeak says its latest generation CDN solution for operators and content providers is completely future-proof and empowers customers to protect the environment. The reduced server requirement is compared to the previous generation of CDN offered and results in massive energy savings, the vendor says.

Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN – announced this month and demonstrated at NAB Show – delivers video streaming services at 725 Gbps from a single server. Broadpeak says this means a market leading offer for Gbps per dollar and Gbps per watt ratios.

The Advanced CDN is content aware, allowing operators to control which CDN features are being used for each session with a very fine granularity based on the request characteristics. Built-in elasticity allows operators to manage horizontal and vertical scaling dynamically.

The innovative CDN solution is based on Broadpeak’s latest version of the BkM100 Video Delivery Mediator and its recently launched BkS450 high-performance video streamer. Advanced CDN can be deployed in any environment and supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid configurations.

“Creating and operating a video streaming service is simple with our new solution,” the company says. “The Advanced CDN offers operators full control over what is happening inside the content delivery network through open APIs and an intuitive GUI. In addition, the Advanced CDN opens up new business models, creating a bridge between ISPs and content providers that leverages Open Caching APIs accessed through its Steering Center and”

In its elevator pitch, the company promises a flawless, low-latency and compelling streaming experience to subscribers with unparalleled performance, scalability and sustainability.

“As video delivery evolves, today’s video service providers need solutions that reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and deliver an outstanding quality of experience,” confirms Nivedita Nouvel, Vice President of Marketing at Broadpeak. “Our newest CDN solution is completely future-proof, offering the best streaming performance, an exceptional quality of experience, and a reduced carbon footprint that empowers video service providers to protect the environment.”

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