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Home » Inside the Stream – Can Google TV catch Roku in the US market?nScreenMedia

Inside the Stream – Can Google TV catch Roku in the US market?nScreenMedia

Warner Bros. Discovery finally unveiled “Max” this week, which seems more “Min” (as in Minimum) to us. And Can Google TV catch up to Roku domestically?

Top news stories (1:00)

Google TV adds FAST channels, and Live Guide integrations (14:00)

Devices powered by TV OSs like Samsung Tizen, Roku OS, and TiVo OS come with a large selection of built-in FAST linear channels. No app installations or logins are required to watch the channels. All the user needs to do is connect Wi-Fi to the smart TV, and they can start watching linear TV. Google TV was the odd OS out until today.

Google TV announced the availability of a suite of channels built into the Live Guide; no app installations are required. In addition, users can now integrate channels from Plex, Tubi, and Haystack News into the Live Guide once the apps are installed. Pluto TV was already integrated into the Live Guide. If users install all the supported apps, they can browse over 800 channels in the Live Guide.

Will any US TV viewers notice the Google TV FAST channels? (17:00)

Beachfront Media data shows Google TV has very low usage in the US. Roku dominates the US market. Can a better FAST guide help Google TV catch up?

Google TV/Android TV is strong in rest-of-world (19:00)

Conviva data shows that Android/Google TV is a major player in every market except North America and that Roku is a major player only in North America. However, there are 1 billion connected TV devices worldwide, about half of which are in North America, where Roku is dominant.

Nobody should bet against Roku (26:00)

Roku has repeatedly proven that it can compete with the biggest and best in North America. It has done this with a laser focus on the user and advertiser’s experience.


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