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Home » Inside the Stream – how Eluvio is disrupting streaming deliverynScreenMedia

Inside the Stream – how Eluvio is disrupting streaming deliverynScreenMedia

Eluvio’s Media Wallet won IBC’s Best of Show 2023. The company’s CEO explains the solution and how Eluvio’s content fabric handles all TV business models with disruptive pricing and performance.

In September, I talked about how Eluvio was one of the top things I looked forward to seeing at IBC 2023. Well, the company did not disappoint. It announced full support for all the business models in streaming TV, including live, FAST, and PVOD. Eluvio’s content blockchain is a radical departure from the traditional CDN and media cloud approaches in wide use today. It brings new features and disruptive pricing that content companies should closely examine. Particularly interesting is the company’s Media Wallet, which won IBC’s Best of Show award. Stick around to the end of the interview to hear Michelle explain why the Media Wallet is so innovative (starting at about 27 minutes into the discussion.)

The interview runs a little on the long side, but I think it’s worth your time to understand the full scope of the Eluvio solution. So, settle in and enjoy the discussion. And Will will be back with us next week.

About Eluvio (2:30)

Ms. Munson explains the Eluvio Content Fabric and what the company announced at IBC 2023.

Eluvio announces support for all streaming business models (4:30)

At IBC, the company announced support for live streaming, FAST, PVOD, and connected TV experiences.

The Eluvio self-composing network (5:30)

In part of the discussion, Ms. Munson explains how the Eluvio content fabric was designed from the ground up for media and how it differs from CDN and cloud media delivery solutions.

How Eluvio changes the relationship between content provider and consumer (10:10)

The content provider has complete control of the rights of its content. It can grant access to it in any way it likes and extend those rights later without any intermediary.

Delivering live events with low latency at scale (15:30)

Live streaming remains one of the biggest challenges in streaming TV. Ms. Munson explains how Eluvio handles it, delivering low latency at a massive scale.

How much cheaper is Eluvio than CDN and Cloud? (20:30)

How does live delivery cope with sudden surges in audience size (23:00)

Sudden surges in audience size are very difficult for live-streaming solutions to handle. Ms. Munson explains how Eluvio handles it.

Eluvio’s Media Wallet (27:00)

The Media Wallet combines premium streaming, ownership, exclusive windows, and real-life offers. It is built to feel like a user’s personal media library.


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