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Labrador CMS unveils AI title generator | What’s New in Publishing

Labrador CMS, a publisher content management system, announced the launch of its advanced AI-powered title generator at the PPA Festival held in London. 

Labrador CMS, the publisher CMS platform spun out of a collaboration between Aller Media and Egmont, has unveiled an AI-powered title generator that can suggest multiple title options, allowing reporters or editors to choose the one that best captures the essence of their piece.

Unveiled at PPA Festival at The Brewery in London, the OpenAI-powered title generator harnesses the power of state-of-the-art machine learning to create more compelling headlines which, it is hoped, will also strengthen audience engagement and content performance.

Currently, Labrador CMS is used by over 2,000 journalists and its publisher client list includes Elle, Dagbladet, ComputerWorld, GB News and According to its CEO, Jan Thoresen, the company is now working on expanding the AI capabilities of the tool further across its system.

The future of journalism is here, and it’s powered by AI. Our new title generator is just the beginning. As we continue to integrate artificial intelligence into our platform, journalists will be able to produce higher quality content more efficiently than ever before.

Jan Thoresen, CEO, Labrador CMS

In other AI-related news, HearstLab, an investment arm of Hearst Corporation focused exclusively on supporting women-led technology startups, yesterday announced a successful fundraising round with Barometer.

Barometer is a platform that employs AI technology to assist brands in evaluating the suitability of podcast content for advertising, and uses AI to evaluate podcast transcripts as well as to gain a holistic perspective on both the content and host. Advertisers can then view a full matrix of suitable content partners on their Barometer dashboard, enabling more informed ad buys.

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