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Netflix Wraps Rodrigo García’s Debut Spanish-Language Pic

Colombian-Mexican filmmaker Rodrigo García has wrapped his first Spanish-language feature, “Familia,” which was shot in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico for Netflix.

García, who has directed such acclaimed films as “Mother and Child” and “Albert Nobbs,” and whose TV credits include “Six Feet Under,” “Big Love” and “In Treatment,” said: “Shooting ‘Familia’ has been a great experience.” He added: “Great producers, collaborators, several of my favorite Mexican actors and actresses and Netflix’s full support have made this project an unforgettable trip back home.”

This is the first time García, who is the son of Colombian Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Marquez, has directed a film in Mexico. He’s an executive producer in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of his father’s literary classic “100 Years of Solitude,” which will be shooting in Colombia.

According to the synopsis, “Familia” follows “a peculiar family and explores the complexities of cohabitation around a decision that will change them forever.”

“In a world where distance seems to pull us apart, ‘Familia’ shows the power of togetherness,” it continued.

The stellar cast includes Daniel Giménez Cacho (“Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths”), Ilse Salas (“The Good Girls”), Cassandra Ciangherotti (“Ready to Mingle”), Natalia Solian (“Huesera: The Bone Woman”) and Spain’s Maribel Verdú (“Pan’s Labyrinth”).

Credit: Alejandro Lopez Pineda / Netflix

Gerardo Gatica (“Museo,” “I’m No Longer Here”) founder of Mexico City-based Panorama Global, serves as producer. His company is also known for sport drama “Cassandro,” starring Gael Garcia Bernal, which premiered this year at Sundance Festival to an upbeat reaction. It also has Hulu TV series “La Maquina” now in post.

Expressing his delight at Netflix’s first collaboration with García, Francisco Ramos, VP of content for Latin America, said: “‘Familia’ is a film about the importance of family ties, which led Rodrigo to film in Mexico for the first time. It carries on our firm commitment to #QueMéxicoSeVea.” “I expect this to be the first of many collaborations with Rodrigo,” he added.

The #QueMéxicoSeVea initiative, which means “Let Mexico be seen,” is Netflix’s$300 million-over-three-years commitment to Mexican cinema and series. Last year, it announced a host of new projects, including the directorial debut of Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (“Brokeback Mountain,” “The Irishman”) who has begun production on the adaptation of Juan Rulfo’s seminal novel, “Pedro Paramo.”

“The impact of our productions has been very positive so far: We are hyper committed to Mexican cinema,” said Ramos last year, adding: “Mexicans love our content and there is a huge appetite for Mexican cinema in Latin America and in some parts of Europe as well,” adding that they are working with some of the biggest players in Mexico, including Redrum, Woo Films, Alebrije Prods. and Pimienta Films.

Credit: Alejandro Lopez Pineda / Netflix

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