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New Episodes of ‘Rosie’s Rules,’ ‘Alma’s Way’ Streaming on PBS Kids Prime Video Channel in April

“Rosie’s Pirate Adventure”

Stephanie Prange

New episodes of “Rosie’s Rules” and “Alma’s Way” are among the titles arriving on the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel in April.

The channel offers 40-plus educational and entertaining shows and shorts for kids ages 2-8.  The subscription rate is $4.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

In “Rosie Rules,” volume five, available now, 5-year-old Rosie Fuentes and her friends pretend to be pirates traveling around the world, but they need a globe to plan a route. Then, while Jun is visiting Shanghai, she and Rosie plan a virtual breakfast, but when it’s daytime for Rosie, it’s nighttime for Jun. Next, while delivering popcorn in Maya’s apartment building, Rosie, Crystal and Mom find a lost dog toy, so they become doggie detectives to find its owner. And Rosie builds a cardboard house for Gatita so she can have a peaceful nap. Plus Rosie, Crystal, and Iggy try to recreate Mom and Papá’s beach anniversary tradition at home, and it’s Chiles en Nogada Day, but when Papá loses the recipe, it’s up to Rosie to figure out who else might have it.

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In “Alma’s Way,” volume nine, debuting April 28, when Mr. Ramirez takes too many cats into his shop, Alma helps him figure out what to do with them. Then, when Alma asks her friends to play stickball, there’s one hold-out — Howard. Next, Alma, Harper and Rafia want to make a quick-change video like Safina’s, but they can’t figure out how she did it. And Eddie asks Alma to help him record a rap, but his project gets derailed when it turns into a rap circle with Junior, André and Becka. Plus, when Alma’s new friend Beto is disappointed that the Bronx beach doesn’t feel like his old beach in San Diego, Alma and André try to show him that even though this beach is different, it’s just as fun. Then, during a trip to the beach, Junior’s sandcastle gets washed away by the tide.

Also available in April are “Let’s Go Luna!,” volume 14; “Cyberchase,” volume 15, debuting April 14; and “Sing-Along with PBS Kids,” volume one, debuting April 21.

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