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Home » News/Media Alliance releases new generative artificial intelligence (AI) principles | What’s New in Publishing

News/Media Alliance releases new generative artificial intelligence (AI) principles | What’s New in Publishing

The News/Media Alliance has released a new set of AI Principles that offer comprehensive guidance on the use of journalistic and creative content in generative artificial intelligence (GAI) systems. It is the first industry trade body to do so.

The News/Media Alliance, the representative body for over 2,000 publishers, has released a new set of AI Principles that cover GAI developers’ use of members’ content related to intellectual property, fairness, transparency, accountability, safety, and design. The AI Principles apply to all content, including text, images, audiovisual and all other formats.

The Principles emphasize that emerging technologies such as AI must respect publishers’ intellectual property (IP), brands, reader relationships, and investments made in creating quality journalistic and creative content.

Publishers must be fairly compensated for the tremendous value their content contributes to the development of generative AI technology. It’s a simple exchange of value.

Danielle Coffey, Vice President and General Counsel, News/Media Alliance

The News/Media Alliance’s Principles stipulate that GAI developers and deployers must negotiate with publishers for the right to use their content in any of the following manners:

  • Training: Including publishers’ content in datasets and using it for GAI system training and testing.
  • Surfacing: The serving of publishers’ content in response to user inputs, possibly including a cover note generated by the GAI system of what is contained in the surfaced content.
  • Synthesizing: Summaries, explanations, analyses etc. of source content in response to a query.

The AI Principles also outline the need for GAI developers to obtain explicit permission for use of publishers’ intellectual property, and publishers should have the right to negotiate for fair compensation for use of their IP by these developers.

It remains to be seen, however, whether these AI Principles will be effective in a Court of Law as legal precedents do not exist. Danielle Coffey, VP and General Counsel of News/Media Alliance, told WNIP, “These principles are intended to outline our position. We’re currently exploring our legal options.”

Weighing in on the wider issue, The Rebooting’s Brian Morrissey wrote yesterday, “The battle for AI supremacy is a fight that’s well above the pay grade of publishers. This is a familiar position… Publishers will turn to a delay and obstruct strategy by using their political leverage to plead for relief from courts, regulators and governments. That’s unlikely to halt the medium-and long-term impact felt by AI.”

The News/Media Alliance AI Principles can be accessed here

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