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Plex races to leading edge of content discovery innovation with heavy focus on emotion and mood

Plex, the free streaming media service with 16 million monthly active users worldwide, is harnessing Vionlabs and its cognitive AI technology to create a more accurate and intuitive user experience. The innovations announced are at the leading edge of personalised content discovery and include:

  • 30+ Predicted Genres for Plex to categorise each title, which can be combined with other nuances in the data such as mood and keywords to create many micro-taste groups.
  • Measurement of the emotion and mood of each scene or character with what is claimed to be unprecedented levels of accuracy, with the ability to recognise 65+ different mood Tags inside a single video file.
  • 20+ mood categories extracted by AI, allowing Plex to connect titles across different genres.
  • Classification of each Mood Tag into a more general category so that content will be accurately categorised.
  • 1200+ descriptive keywords for the content story, with weights reflecting the story of the content from different perspectives, resulting in relevant keywords to describe the main topic or elements of the content.
  • Fingerprint embedding that can be utilised by data scientists to innovate around personalisation, content analysis, and more.

All of this enables Plex to create detailed personalisation around topics, genres and more, and significantly improve the search and discovery experience to keep viewers engaged. Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Business Development and Content at Plex, says:  “Vionlabs’ technology provides some truly unique capabilities that we believe will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goal of making streaming content even more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”

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