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REinvent Boards ‘In The Name of God,’ about Priest Turned Killer

REinvent Intl. Sales, the banner launched by former TrustNordisk CEO Rikke Ennis, has picked up “In the Name of God,” a thriller about a priest on a mission to expand his congregation at any cost.

The film is directed by Ludvig Gür (“Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story”) and stars Linus Wahlgren (“With One Eye Open,” “Beck”), Vilhelm Blomgren (“Midsommar,” “Gösta”) and Lisa Henni (“Rig 45,” “The Unthinkable”). The movie just wrapped filming. 

The film revolves around Theodor, a 40-year-old priest whose world unravel after his wife gets killed. He becomes convinced that he has been chosen by God to rid the world of sinners in order to bring new life to true believers.

“In the Name of God” is produced by Silverbullet Film by Daniel Lägersten in cooperation with executive producers Daniel Berntsson and Wahlgren with support from CANfilm and LjudBang. REinvent handles international sales.

“ ‘In the Name of God’ plays with good and evil in an interesting way that makes us ask ‘What would I be prepared to do for my loved ones?’ It is a high-concept psychological thriller that I look very much forward to follow as it is brought to the silver screen by the competent team at Silverbullet Film,” said Ennis.

Helene Aurø, sales and marketing director at REinvent, added that “genre films have a massive audience internationally and we are sure that this film will create a stir and that this original plot will appeal to the target group in any given country.”

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