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Home » Trusting News launches Trust Kits, a free tool to help publishers earn audience trust | What’s New in Publishing

Trusting News launches Trust Kits, a free tool to help publishers earn audience trust | What’s New in Publishing

Trusting News has launched Trust Kits, a series of step-by-step guides to help journalists and publishers build trust with their audience. The end goal? To help news publishers become more transparent with their audiences and be seen as credible news sources.

Trusting News, a project of the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) and American Press Institute (API), has launched Trust Kits, a series of step-by-step guides for publishers to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust. 

Completely free to participating publishers, the kits have been designed to provide, “everything publishers need to start explaining the parts of journalism we know news consumers are most curious (and most uninformed) about”.

Trust Kits from Trusting News

Each Trust Kit breaks down trust-building strategies into actionable steps and are accompanied by free online trainings designed to help journalists who need a quick crash course in specific trust strategies.

The first 30 minutes (of our trainings) will be focused on how journalists can take action and will include perspectives from partner journalists on how they’ve implemented these strategies in their own newsrooms. Then we invite participants to stay for another 15 minutes for questions and brainstorming. 

Trust Kits training collateral

The first online training “How to explain what you cover” takes place at 2pm ET, Thursday, May 4th. Journalists and publishers can register for the series here

The initiative is much needed and comes at a time when trust in news is at an all-time low. In a presentation last year at the WAN-IFRA World News Media Conference in Zaragoza, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Reuters Institute and Professor of Political Communication at Oxford University couldn’t have been clearer:

We know this work isn’t always easy. You should feel proud of any progress and steps your newsroom is taking to earn trust and demonstrate credibility with your audience. 

Trusting News newsletter

Newsworks launches trust series

In an unrelated development, Newsworks (the marketing body for UK national newspapers) has released new research aiming to define and measure more accurately how advertisers benefit from being in trusted news environments.

Specifically, the research evaluates the growing importance and strength of brand trust, explores how advertisers can benefit from being in trusted environments, and aims to more accurately define and measure trust.

Jo Allan, CEO of Newsworks, said: “We are in the middle of a trust crisis – be it Partygate, the Met Police or unregulated online content – so knowing we can rely on trusted environments like news brands is vital for individuals and for advertisers, especially in a world where fake news and misinformation continue to pervade our society.”

Trust has never been more important. But the question is, do we really understand it? This prompted us to explore the concept of trust, how we define it and its impact on brand growth in much greater depth. Reassuringly, these two different studies revealed remarkably parallel findings, and the results will be important for brands looking to boost their trust by advertising in trusted environments. 

Jo Allan, CEO of Newsworks

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