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Video management for publishers

EX.CO is the world’s leading publisher-first video technology platform empowering publishers to own their video strategy for maximum yield. EX.CO’s AI-based solutions for video management, video monetization, content automation, and video recommendation are trusted by some of the largest publishers globally including Arena Group, Blackball Media, CBSi, Digital Box, Hearst, Media 10, Nasdaq, News UK, Time, Trade House Media, and VICE.

Benefits of EX.CO video technology platform for publishers

EX.CO Video Technology Platform enables publishers to:

  • Generate stunning video experiences on every page using existing video and article content, designed to excite users and grow yield
  • Level up your monetisation capabilities with our full video stack – from content generation to ad serving and monetisation
  • Maximize yield and delivery with our proprietary ad server and algorithms for publishers’ direct and programmatic demand, in real-time
  • Manage your own demand sources alongside ours, and optimize your yield with full control and transparency
  • Get lightning fast video experiences for any screen, optimised for viewability and an engaging user experience.

What’s the big idea?

“EX.CO is the only platform that puts the publisher’s needs first and truly prioritises their yield above all else. We put publishers back in the driver’s seat so they can regain control of their website. Instead of leasing out space on your digital property, we serve as trusted tech partners to arm you with all of the tools you need to grow your business.

“Our technology is not limited to simply monetisation. Rather, we empower publishers to own their entire video management, video content and video monetization strategies to maximize yield by providing a proprietary ad server, AI-driven contextual recommendations, premium libraries, data collection capabilities, subscription growth solutions, and more.”

EX.CO was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City with employees in London managing EMEA and in other offices around the world.

Contact EX.CO today to learn how you can jumpstart your video strategy without sacrificing UX. Work with a tech partner, not a broker.

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