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Inside the Stream – Block-Zone TV deal and FASTs’ futurenScreenMedia

This week, we interviewed Zone TV CEO Jeff Weber about his company’s acquisition by Block Communications. Jeff explains the deal, the evolving FAST market, and what’s next.

Twenty-two-year-old Zone TV transitioned to streaming five or so years ago. It has built a business around personalized FAST channels, which it distributes primarily through traditional pay TV operators. This week, the company was acquired by a partner, Block Communications, a privately held 122-year-old traditional media company. Will and I discuss the thinking behind the deal with Zone TV CEO Jeff Weber. We also discuss the state of the FAST market, FAST 2.0, and what Zone TV will focus on in the year ahead.

This week’s news (1:10)

The interview with Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone TV (12:00)

  • About Zone TV (12:40)
  • Why sell Zone TV now? (14:20)
  • What is Block Communications? (15:30)
  • Why Block bought Zone TV (19:30)
  • As the market moves to FAST 2.0, Zone TV is already there (21:00)
  • How the FAST market will evolve from here (24:40)
  • What can we expect from Zone TV in 2024 (27:00)


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